Without you? Without me.


Screaming out your heart for the sexiest boy (ever lived, for sure!) on stage without your best girlfriend??? What a crazy idea, right? – Who would ever do all these important things in life without her better part? That’s what the campaign is all about.

“Freundin” is a magazine for women in Germany. The new goal to aim for them:
Becoming younger to better reach the young, up growing, fancy girls out there. Better than that, becoming their new freundin (which is the German word for girlfriend, by the way :) ).

“Freundin” knows answers to all these (big,big) questions about life. How to catch best the attention of the sweet guy from the party last weekend, for example :) Or how to dress up-to-date and all theeesssseee things you need to know while growing up…

To put all these positive aspects about “Freundin” in one claim, there is no better way than to say it like this: Ohne dich? Ohne mich. – Which means – Without you? Without me.

The whole campaign centre-stages all the great moments textual and visual, which you would only share with ‘her’, ‘your only one’, your “Freundin”…


Client: Burda Press | Agency: Reinsclassen – Hamburg




“My freundin is once boy and once angel. But she is always there for me. That’s for sure.


“Buttons with the new claim: Without you? Without me.”


My freundin is a diva and a freak at once. For me she is unique.”


My freundin is romantic and revolutionary. For me she is the most important person at all.”


My freundin let me laugh my head off and she makes me cry. At least she get’s me anywhere.

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