Now it is me.

Somehow it is still in the gene, that we, women, want to look after others. Specially after the ones we love. Honestly ladies, don’t we love it.

Even we can let drift an R8 through curves and leather is our second (sexy … grrrrr) skin nowadays, a part of our life has something to do with empty lunchboxes, which want to be filled up.

We still have to stand up for so much more things in daily business life. And on top of this we are asked  to be always as pretty as we have been with 21, don’t get wrinkles, put on weight or much better, please don’t get old at all … Pfffff …

At a certain age all this is luckily behind you and not because you have missed the boat. No, much better, all these yoga and meditation lessons pay you back with an enormous happiness and a feeling of freedom. Or maybe it is just the way of life :)

The magazine Donna wants to approach exactly these type of women, who have reached that. Usually at 50+ as marketing researches found out (I know, long way, but go on joining yoga classes and eating vegetables, I am sure it is some kind of preparation to get there.)

All questions, which come up at the beginning of this new freedom and independence are going to be answered and Donna closes the gap of uncertainty about this new way.

Client: Burda Press | Agency: Reinsclassen – Hamburg




I was always on the call. Now I let my soul drift.”



I was always the alpha-animal. Now I wanna be the cuddly tiger.

I was always full speed ahead. Now I step back from the grind.



I have been my most harshest critics. Now I’m my biggest fan.

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